Custom Jewelry Design in Colorado Springs

Custom Jewelry Design


The First Step for Custom Jewelry at Luisa Graff Jewelers in Colorado Springs, CO is COME IN - No Reservationt Necessary

Luisa Graff wants to help you begin a custom jewelry design in Colorado Springs. We love to tell our guests that the only limitation is your imagination, and of course, physics. We cannot have floating diamonds yet, however, we can create almost anything! In step one, together we begin planning out types of gemstones and precious metals to be used in your item. Sometimes we are creating a new item of jewelry for a proposal or special occasion. Other times we are incorporating sentimental diamonds and gemstones into a newly designed gift. Whatever the circumstances, we are happy to be your consultant and share ideas to help you create special engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry items. Luisa Graff guests are invited to bring their own ideas, in pictures or sketches, that you find to be beautiful. It will help us narrow down styles that you are attracted to, which we can incorporate into the custom style. As we get to know you, and what you will love, this step will narrow down that perfect custom idea you have always wanted.

The Second Step in Custom Jewelry is the CAD

Luisa Graff Jewelers works with internationally renowned CAD designers who prepare a digital design within 24-48 hours of the first step, absolutely free to you. Once the CAD is developed, based off your style and imagination, the programmer will digitally build a rendering CAD of the design. Every guest will receive the CAD as a rendering for a keepsake. During this step, any alteration can be made to adjust wants and desires for the design to be perfect.  We can offer two adjustments before a deposit is required. The deposit will be applied to the final price. However, normally, only one revision is necessary for perfection.

The Third Step in Custom Jewelry is the WAX Rendering (Optional)

When the CAD is approved, revisions either made or not, a wax will be available upon request. The internationally revered jewelry organization utilizes the most expensive top of the line machines to precisely carve a block of wax down into the exact replica of your beautiful custom design. The detail this machine has cannot be replicated in a small store. This machine cuts with such detail the naked eye wouldn’t be able to see it, which is why we have a microscope connected to a big screen T.V. in the store at Luisa Graff Jewelers to show you the details. At Luisa Graff Jewelers we believe in our quality and products so much, we are willing to show the world the most microscopic of details.  This step is not necessary, but sometimes fun. With every step, additional time is required and as Colorado Springs moves so fast, we can take the time for viewing the wax or expedite the production. As always Luisa Graff Jewelers is here for all our Colorado Springs guests and we let you take the lead.

The Final Step in Custom Jewelry

The moment Luisa Graff guests approve the CAD, or wax, the casting process moves forward.  Again, the most talented jewelers in the industry utilize top of the line, up-to-date machines for this casting process. Machines are so precise with removing air, and die striking the molten metal to ensure quality that no other jeweler in Colorado can replicate. The goal for every custom and item in Luisa Graff Jeweler’s inventory is to produce quality that will last. The casting process is meant to be so precise that a safe room, or controlled environment, is set so no foreign material can get into the molten metal and ruin a casting. Even the altitude that Colorado Springs sits at has a chance to have a poor effect on the casting process, which is why the control room typically has a set pressure much like an airplane cabin being pressurized, to ensure the quality you deserve.  Once the custom item is cast with precision in this controlled environment the raw casting is sent to Luisa Graff Jewelers so we can ensure your perfect cast item can be hand finished by our in-house master jewelers.  Depending on the intricacy of the custom, the hand finishing can also be done by the experts in the trade casting the item. Either way at Luisa Graff Jewelers we will always have full disclosure and open communication throughout the entire process treating you as we would like to be treated and as a Luisa Graff Family member.

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