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Jake and Sarah’s College Romance Jake and Sarah’s College Romance

Jake and Sarah’s College Romance

Jake met Sarah two and a half years ago while attending Colorado State University (CSU). Sarah had just returned from studying abroad in France when they first met. Sarah was actually there to meet his friend and he was there to meet her friend. They both dated each other friends for a while and then … Continue reading "Jake and Sarah’s College Romance"

Why Diamond Pendants Are Special Why Diamond Pendants Are Special

Why Diamond Pendants Are Special

Diamond Pendants are the real enchanters of the diamond jewelry. They are the real winners when it comes to a first possession.  The best thing about these little pieces of stars is that it compliments almost all the attires: be it a professional business suit, a sundress, or even a ballroom gown, nothing beats the … Continue reading "Why Diamond Pendants Are Special"

Certified Diamonds GIA vs EGL

Whenever choosing a certified diamond, it is always in one’s interest to be completely informed about the purchase one is going to make. Though mostly a certified diamond is based on the 4C’s namely, cut, color, clarity, and carat, still it is of utmost importance to review the grading parameters of various laboratories. Generally, there … Continue reading "Certified Diamonds GIA vs EGL"

UK Treasure Hunters Unearth Four Golden Torcs Dating Back 2,500 Years

Two buddies with a passion for treasure hunting unearthed four 2,500-year-old golden torcs within the parish of Leekfrith (pop. 363) in the English countryside.The items, ...

Jewelry Collection of Celebrated Author Jackie Collins to Hit the Auction Block at Bonhams

One thousand lots from the estate of celebrated author Jackie Collins — including a 6.04-carat pear-shaped diamond — will hit the auction block on May ...

McMatch Made in Heaven: Man Pops the Question With Ring Hidden in Box of Chicken McNuggets

When Lincoln, Ill., native Kristian Helton was plotting the perfect way to propose to girlfriend Karsyn Long on Valentine's Day, he knew that McDonald's Chicken ...

Story on a Tanzanite Pendant Story on a Tanzanite Pendant

Story on a Tanzanite Pendant

A man came in to Luisa Graff Jewelers, with a pear cut Tanzanite gemstone he had bought 11 years ago in Tanzania. When he came back to the states, he kept it in a box waiting to find something special to do with it. Eleven years later, he finally found the perfect idea for it. … Continue reading "Story on a Tanzanite Pendant"

'Real Is Rare. Real Is a Diamond' Commercial Shares Limelight During Last Night's Academy Awards

More than 30 million viewers tuning into the 89th annual Academy Awards last night got their first glimpse of "Runaways," the second in a series ...

Music Friday: Ed Sheeran Carves a Heart Pendant for His Girlfriend in the 2011 Love Song, 'Wake Me Up'

Welcome to Music Friday when we bring you wonderful songs with jewelry, gemstones or precious metals in the title or lyrics. Today, Ed Sheeran carves ...

Minnesota Twins Pitcher Phil Hughes Has 24-Karat Aspirations for His Surgically Removed Rib

Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Phil Hughes shook up the internet last week when he hinted that he's seriously considering transforming his surgically removed rib into a ...

Museum-Quality Collection of North Carolina-Sourced Star Rubies to Hit the Auction Block in June

Sourced in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, four museum-quality star rubies weighing a total of 342 carats will hit the auction block at Guernsey’s ...

Average Bridal Couple Spent $6,163 on Engagement Ring in 2016, Reports The Knot

The average bridal couple in the U.S. spent $6,163 on the engagement ring in 2016 — an increase of 5% compared to 2015, according to ...

Woman Sinks Half-Court Shot, Wins $500 and Gets a Surprise Marriage Proposal From Dunkin' Donuts Mascot

Upstate New York resident Erin Tobin just had her best day ever. She achieved instant fame when she banked in a half-court shot at a ...

Learning All About The Custom Jewelry Design Process

The last time I had any interaction with learning all about the custom jewelry design process I was 12 years old, we were at summer camp and our materials with leather straps and sea shells. Since then, the thought of custom jewelry design never really crossed my mind. I don’t buy a lot of jewelry … Continue reading "Learning All About The Custom Jewelry Design Process"

Vintage and Floral Engagement Rings Vintage and Floral Engagement Rings

Vintage and Floral Engagement Rings

Vintage and floral engagement rings continue to be crowd-pleasers and a favorite among all fashion groups. Perhaps it is the intricacy of the past eras exuding ever-lasting romance and stability that attracts such a large number of couples to this style. Vintage rings have much more going on than modern, minimalistic designs and despite their … Continue reading "Vintage and Floral Engagement Rings"

Coleman and Heather’s Love Story Coleman and Heather’s Love Story

Coleman and Heather’s Love Story

Coleman and Heather met here in Colorado Springs while running at the Jack Quinn’s Tuesday Running Club and eating two dollar pizza at Old Chicago’s. Heather is originally from Washington, but moved here after working at a summer camp here in Colorado Springs. Coleman is from Chicago, and moved here after visiting his brother and … Continue reading "Coleman and Heather’s Love Story"

Ms. Virginia’s Custom Design Ms. Virginia’s Custom Design

Ms. Virginia’s Custom Design

Ms. Virginia came in looking to customize a very special pendant from her mothers and her wedding ring. Her family thought the ring had been lost but while looking through her mother’s belonging they found it. Ms. Virginia wanted to come up with something that could be passed down from generation to generation. Her daughter … Continue reading "Ms. Virginia’s Custom Design"

Cody and Diana’s Engagement Cody and Diana’s Engagement

Cody and Diana’s Engagement

Congratulations Cody and Diana on your engagement! Cody and Diana met while going to West Point, in New York, at a banquet. Diana was actually at the banquet with Cody’s roommate, they were introduced to each other, and the rest is history. Cody came in earlier this summer looking at rings with our Assistant Sales … Continue reading "Cody and Diana’s Engagement"


*LUISA’S HIDDEN TREASURE OF THE WEEK* Have you seen a pair of Garnets with such a deep red, almost like a Ruby? Luisa’s Hidden Treasure of the Week is this exquisite pair of red rectangle cushion Garnet earrings. The way they dangle gives a more eye catching look and brings attention to the face. The … Continue reading "LUISA’S HIDDEN TREASURE OF THE WEEK 11/7/16"

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